IEP Direct software, as well as the training and support, has helped us build a compliant and efficient office. They consistently act as one of our team members. Centris group has changed the face of special education. 

Debra Kon
Cold Spring Harbor Central School District

The Help Desk crew is FANTASTIC! Everyone I've talked with is very knowledgeable and can easily guide me through correcting the issue I am having. 

Janet Hoff
Westport Central School District

We have been a customer of Centris Group since spring 2006. We were the first school system in Connecticut to use IEP Direct, and while the company has grown significantly, the customer service continues to be top notch. The partnership that has been developed between our school system and Centris has been wonderful. The entire team at Centris is always receptive to customer suggestions on how to make a good product even better. Their products, training and customer support are exemplary.

Marla D. Bergman
Stamford Public Schools

We just became a member of the Centris Group family and could not be happier with the service and the support. 

Trish Lustila
Woodstock Public Schools

Having been a user from almost the beginning, the products have grown with us, and the many, many mandates that have come along. 

Robert E. McCloskey
Kinderhook,CSD (aka Ichabod Crane, CSD)

The software has proven to be invaluable to our department. The ease of use has increased over the years since its creation. As the demands of our discipline have increased, so has the support offered through Centris to monitor compliance with due dates, programs, and staffing responsibilities. I look forward to the next great things that will be included as time goes on. 

Denise Merchant
Southampton UFSD

I have been an educator for 42 years and using IEP Direct for at least 10 years. Centris Group is a full-service agency and is always available to support their customers. They offer excellent training for all levels of staff. They always keep their customers in the loop regarding changes in regulations and make the necessary updates in IEP Direct in a timely manner. Most recently, with so many districts and Eastern Suffolk BOCES using IEP Direct, the processing of new entrants has improved tremendously. The common access to students’ IEPs has improved communication; BOCES staff and district personnel often phone conference and this allows all to view the same document and have meaningful discussions. Also, I love NYSE Directors, although it can become addictive! A great place to network with colleagues and also gain support in some very unique situations

Susan Kosser
East Islip School District

Transitioning to a new IEP system is always a treacherous process for any district to undertake. It requires a lot of training and commitment on the part of all who are involved. Centris Group has been very helpful every step of the way. They made themselves available to discuss any concerns during the transition, and we have found that they possess a very thorough understanding of the special education process from start to finish. Their customer service has been excellent. IEP Direct is very thoughtful in design and is engineered to ensure compliance of NJAC 6A:14. 

Carol A. Webb
Branchburg, NJ

I just want to express my genuine appreciation for Centris and their outstanding support team. With so many changes in the Medicaid claiming process I feel very confident that when I send my Medicaid bill up for processing, their program is going to have all the necessary changes included on their end. The support team is really there for you. When you call they are always very friendly and eager to help you. The new drop-down feature which includes the acceptable ICD diagnosis codes is going to be an invaluable tool. Knowing a code is not acceptable before sending it up for payment is going to save us a lot of time and alert us to make the necessary changes. Thank you Centris for making my job as a Medicaid biller a much easier one and for considering us and our suggestions in your program. 

Maryann Glorioso
Lynbrook Union Free School District

I have worked in the field of NYS special education for several years. I can absolutely attest to how much better life has been since IEP Direct was launched. Professional development opportunities, help lines, and responsiveness to the demands inherent in special education have enabled us to write more meaningful, regulation-compliant, and legally defensible IEPs. Help is immediate and feedback from the field results in changes that truly enable us to be much more efficient and focus more resources on direct services to children, and fewer resources on burdensome data collection necessitated by the State. Centris Group has demonstrated the tenacity and devotion of resources to "unpack" and unravel often cumbersome and vague regulations, and to ensure that IEP Direct is always up-to-date and the field informed 

Connie Hayes
Katonah-Lewisboro School District

I appreciate the software that Centris offers - it is up to date in terms of the changing regulations … Overall, I believe that Centris offers an excellent product and they do an excellent job of informing us of each and every update and how we can do the work more efficiently.

Francine Atlas Bogdanoff
Mill Neck Manor School for the Deaf

Hamden Public Schools has been using IEP Direct since 2006. We have been witness to the dedication of Centris Group to provide a user-friendly, dependable, and intuitive product that meets all our needs. The platform is constantly updated for compliance, dependability, and ease of use with consideration of district recommendations. The User Group Workshops and Webinars are invaluable in providing districts with guidance and hands-on assistance on a regular, ongoing basis. The Centris Help Desk personnel are knowledgeable not only of the IEP Direct product, but of the ever-changing state and federal special education laws and regulations. They are responsive and forever patient in solving any problem, answering any question or working through any concern. We continue to be extremely satisfied and confident in our relationship with Centris Group and the IEP Direct product. 

Sharon Drumm
Hamden Public Schools

IEP Direct is an exemplary model of what software design and support should look like. Centris has taken a very complex process and made it accessible for users, while always incorporating the latest federal and state requirements.  The software is flexible and provides districts with many ways to customize IEP and menu choices. The Help Desk personnel are well-informed and always available right away. The company’s annual conferences provide valuable updates on the law and useful discussions on how to approach challenging IEP situations. Centris also provides an extremely useful means for special education directions to share questions and solutions with one another, as well as search out openings in special programs operated by districts. Finally, the software provides an automatic archiving of students records, going beyond just the IEP documents and extending to the evaluations and services students have received. Centris is clearly committed to continue improving its product to keep up with the ever-changing laws and practices in special education. It is hard to imagine a more user-friendly yet thorough and legally sound vehicle for a school district special education department. As a special education director for over thirty years, I could not be more pleased with the software and services that Centris provides.

Richard Miller
Locust Valley Central School District

Vernon has used IEP Direct for over three years. We have learned to use many features that support writing appropriate IEPs and monitoring compliance data. We have found sharing IEPs with other districts very helpful, and when a student attends an out-of-district school the process supports collaborative work on the IEP. We are very pleased with the program. Recently we added Document Repository and have found that to be easy-to-use and helpful for staff as they share students from school to school and programs. 

Patricia L. Buell Vernon Public Schools

IEP Direct, along with their companion software products, is the BEST tool that can provide district directors and administrators with the ability to develop, monitor, track students and associated data. Software aside, the company provides staff development, real-time support, and up-to-date changes reflective of the changes in state and federal guidelines. 

Lisa Carelli-Lang
Levittown U.F.S.D.

Our district uses IEP Direct and the staff at Centris is always willing to turn any stone from simple questions to actual software technical issues that engineers must resolve. They are courteous and willing to walk through issues with us. They are like a lifeline to keep us up and running. The webinars they offer give valuable training to help us understand changes that are going to affect us as well as providing documentation we can refer to later. The program is pretty user-friendly and when an explanation of how to do something is needed, they are ready to help! Couldn't be easier! 

Jaan Casher
Hillside Family of Agencies

We have recently made the switch to IEP Direct from a different IEP software. The switch over was amazingly easy for myself, my secretary, my teachers and my Child Study Team. The staff at Centris has always been very quick to respond to our inquiries and concerns. Technical support as well has been quick, efficient and extremely helpful as we were learning all the intricacies of the program. We could not be more pleased with our decision to use IEP Direct software in our district. Hats off to the staff at Centris! 

Dr. Kathleen Stannard Holland Township School

I have had the pleasure of working with Centris group for over ten years. The support provided by the Centris team to school districts struggling with the management of special education data is beyond compare. They are knowledgeable, professional, and always supportive in providing solutions for the problems of the busy special education administrator. 

Joseph LaMelza, Ed.D
Syosset Central School District