Professional Services

Centris Group Products

Centris Group offers a wide range of support and professional learning opportunities to complement our software products. These services are aimed at ensuring success at every level, from application training and technical support, to special education best practices and compliance.

We offer the following services to support our school district partners:

Implementation and Training

Our team of education and technical professionals possesses unmatched experience in state-specific special education requirements and Centris Group software. The highly specialized expertise of our staff helps ensure that our solution will meet compliance and reporting requirements, support best practices, and configure to the individual needs of each district.

We employ a proven and clearly defined implementation methodology that ensures rapid user adoption and a smooth transition, so that the benefits of the application may accrue quickly, while maintaining highest quality standards.

Our team works alongside district staff to manage every aspect of implementation, including project planning, data migration, software configuration, and training.

We offer on-site and eLearning training opportunities, which are provided by our specialized software training team. The majority of our software trainers have backgrounds in special education, which means they truly understand the nuances of day-to-day life in a school, and can teach the software from the practitioner’s perspective.

Live trainings are fully supported by recorded training videos, user guides, and a comprehensive and context-sensitive online help directory.

Help Desk and Technical Support

Our commitment to successful implementation and satisfaction extends far beyond project management and training. The Centris Group Help Desk team is a critical component of our service delivery.

These customer service professionals are technical experts on all Centris Group systems, and are well-versed in state education requirements. We look for Help Desk staff with backgrounds in education and technology, and we provide ongoing internal training in these areas in order to build a team that can effectively and efficiently respond to questions about the product and related regulations.

Calls and emails received by the Help Desk are answered by personnel who are all employees of Centris Group and are all located in our corporate office. All communications are logged and tracked, to ensure that issues are fully resolved in a timely manner.

Professional Development and Best Practices Workshops

Software alone can only do so much to support a district’s success. The most important factor is a comprehensive understanding of program regulations and requirements, and an informed approach to meeting those requirements using the software solution.

Centris Group offers interactive workshops focused on discussing federal and state program requirements, compliance topics, and best practices for program management. These workshops are provided in partnership with subject matter experts, legal advisors, and education agencies. Workshops provide specific advice and guidance, and encourage discussion and brainstorming among participants. When people get together, great ideas are born.

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