About Us

About Centris Group

Centris Group is committed to providing special education software and subject matter expertise to support special education professionals in achieving program compliance, best-practices, and efficiency. In this way, we believe that student outcomes are substantially improved: and this is our goal for every software product and service we offer. The cornerstone of our success in meeting school district needs is that we develop truly state-specific software that is designed from the practitioner’s perspective and employs leading-edge technology

Our comprehensive suite of education solutions includes management systems for special education programs, response to intervention, 504, guidance, and school-based Medicaid billing. We also provide modules for special education document management, special education document translation services, and seamless integration with other K-12 student information systems.

Culture of Innovation

Centris Group has been an innovator in special education systems since 1984, and was among the first companies to recognize how computer technology and the Internet could transform special education program administration and IEP document development. 

Our first software solution for IEP document management was created over 25 years ago by our founder and CEO, Dr. Thomas Reap, while he was Director of Special Education for a New York state school district. This practitioners’ perspective continues to be our guiding inspiration and defines our approach to software development and support.

In 1999, we pioneered fully-web-based special education administrative software, and we have been delivering web-based software as a fully-hosted solution before the terms “software as a service” and “cloud computing” were coined. 

We continually improve our proven platform with the latest technologies, and we develop innovative new features that deliver process efficiencies and intuitive interfaces. Most importantly, we listen to our customers and use their insights as the driving force in all we do.

State-Specific Expertise

We have grown into one of the largest special education administrative software companies in the nation by focusing our resources and expertise on being the best-of-class solution in select states.

We understand that every state has unique special education requirements that can only be met with a tailored solution. Each state-specific version of our software is customized with the assistance and support of local special education professionals and subject matter experts who have hands-on understanding of the requirements, needs, and culture in the state.

The combination of innovative technology, subject matter expertise, state-specific customization, and dedicated customer support is why Centris Group’s software is the best-of-class solution with unmatched adoption and customer satisfaction in the states we serve.